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4 Ways to Improve your Logistics Operations


1. Choose Your Logistics Partners Carefully

It goes without saying that you need to chose the most suitable logistics company, freight forwarder or transportation company from the outset in order to improve the quality of your international export performance. Go with a tried and tested company with references and years of experience in your chosen markets.

2. Have Constant Communication to Avoid Delays

Good logistics and successful deliveries are all about effective communication. A good logistics partner as discussed in step 1 will know the importance of ongoing communication at critical times in international shipments and deliveries.

In the world of importing and exporting things can change in shipments and deliveries at short notice. For example weather conditions, traffic, road accidents and unforeseen circumstances etc.

The only way your freight forwarder can prepare the drivers and transporters for this is to be in constant touch with them.

Also, you should communicate regularly with the purchaser on the other end and the warehouse. Do not take anything for granted because sometimes the delivery goes smoothly only for an issue at the warehouse of the destination.

Again, a good freight forwarder will know the importance of being available at all times to be ready in the unlikely event of a delay or disruption in the supply chain.

3. Make Your Transportation The Most Cost Effective Possible

You need to do research on new and more cost effective ways of getting your deliveries from point A to point B. Technology is having a big impact on everything and logistics is no exception.

We use whatsapp and tracking systems to streamline some parts of the process. This makes the movements more predictable and we have more control over the process.

You must also look at ways to cut costs and reduce spending on non-critical elements of transport. Examples include:

  • Am I using the right type of pallet for my product?
  • Are the vehicles suitable?
  • Could I fit more on this trailer?
  • Should I consider part loads or groupage instead of full loads?
  • Do I need a different type of box for highly valuable goods?

4. Does my delivery make business sense?

Do the numbers add up for my delivery or would I be better off waiting or using a different approach. Fuel costs, freight forward costs and other adjacent costs need to be constantly monitored to see if you are really carrying out business in the most productive way.