Freight Delivery in Europe

5 Ways Modern Exporters Can Better Manage Their International Transportation and Logistics

Better management techniques for International Transportation and Logistics

If exporters have a European or global supply chain, they must manage their international logistics and transportation carefully to keep costs low and stay competitive.

International freight companies and transportation managers must ensure that freight delivered across Europe arrives on time and goes to the right locations.

Due to the long distances being covered in European freight movements, transportation costs can be anything up to 7% of a company’s revenue and therefore has a major impact on product costs.

Below are 5 ways to streamline your international freight deliveries.

  1. Have visibility and an overall view of each stage of your transportation as well as the ability to understand how transportation impacts costs directly.
  2. Understand product inventory and how to optimize it. Then incorporate transportation best practices to enhance this.
  3. Prepare for long lead times, disruptions and unexpected changes in deliveries.
  4. Have great communication amongst all partners in the international freight supply chain.
  5. Manage your fuel costs carefully to reduce overall transportation cost.