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Watch Your Weight ! Overweight trucks coming from Spain.

With the orange fruit season now in full swing , no doubt there will be problems with overweight trucks caught out at the at the UK boarder or beyond coming from Spain. When I first started European freight forwarding back in 94 , we experienced this problem too often . Normally every 4 trucks trucks […]

3 Ways Exporters Can Improve Their International Freight Movements

International Freight Movements Cullen European Freight has been helping international exporters with their international freight movements and specific requirements all across Europe for well over 20 years. Here are a few things we’ve learned in that time: 1. A Professional Attitude is Critical to Freight Forwarding Excellence We believe that if exporters work in close […]

5 Ways Modern Exporters Can Better Manage Their International Transportation and Logistics

Better management techniques for International Transportation and Logistics If exporters have a European or global supply chain, they must manage their international logistics and transportation carefully to keep costs low and stay competitive. International freight companies and transportation managers must ensure that freight delivered across Europe arrives on time and goes to the right locations. […]

The Impact of Transit Time in International Logistics

  Transit Time in International Logistics Managing transit times in both domestic and international freight operations is vital for international export companies in order to properly manage their transportation costs. In international logistics, it goes without saying that higher transportation costs are incurred the longer the times and distances needed to deliver your freight across […]

The Advantages of Groupage Services & Part Loads in International Freight Transportation

International Freight Transportation What is “groupage” in international transport you may ask? Well, sometimes several different exporters in a particular geographical area like the UK or Spain want to transport their mini consignments or small quantities of goods to the same overseas market or European country. Groupage is basically an international freight best practice for […]