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Weight Limits For Trucks In Europe

A lot of our new customers often ask us questions about weight limits when they organize an international transport delivery with us. In fact, heavy goods vehicles that transport goods across the Euro zone must be in compliance with rules on weights and dimensions. Road safety and limiting damage to key infrastructure like bridges, motorways, […]

4 Ways to Ensure Successful International Freight Delivery

There are certain key requirements companies need to be aware of when shipping goods internationally. Whether you are importing fruit and vegetables from Spain to the UK or exporting timber or paper from Scandinavia, the following criteria need to be carefully planned and managed: 1. Insurance When you ship your products internationally you need to […]

Common European Freight Logistics Issues and How to Overcome Them

European Freight Logistics Issues The following is a short 6 point checklist and summary of some considerations for companies involved in international freight movements and European Freight Logistics. Whether you are a seasoned importer/exporter or a new company getting ready to ship internationally for the first time, here is some food for thought. 1. Choose […]

3 Great Communication Strategies for your Freight Forwarding Business

In Freight Forwarding HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY Being honest in your communications with customers, colleagues, and employees is good for your business. Nobody likes telling customers or employees their home truths but the fact is that clear and honest communication prevents all shareholders in the business from “beating around the bush”. In the long […]


Have a good attitude As European freight forwarders we like to show a keen interest in our international import-export customers and especially in their business. We actually consider their business our business because we are responsible for timely the delivery of their produce. You should be interested in how your clients are doing in their […]

The Challenges of International Freight Deliveries

International Freight Deliveries Many European companies are used to domestic logistics only. Small businesses (SMEs) and local national manufacturers may often deliver their goods and cargo using the same haulage company or on the same motorway/distribution channel for many years. I know of one such company in the south of Ireland who have used the […]