How to get repeat orders for the next 20 years

How to get repeat orders for the next 20 years

As a family, freight forwarding company we have been trading for nearly 20 years, here are four tips to success.

1. Say thank you.

We don’t take our offers for work for granted, it is very important to us. How many times do your logistics companies say thank you to you? People like to be appreciated. A simple thank you, goes a long way.

2. Reasons to be cheerful.

At a meeting a few years back to discuss transport from Spain to the UK with a long term customer, he mentioned to me the attitude of one of the other logistic companies he worked with. When answering the phone they came across as miserable, no other way to put it, every time they answered the phone. And this was a company in sunny Spain. We all have down days, take a deep breath and smile.

3. Take responsibility.

International logistics is not a science, sometimes mistakes are made, for goodness sake admit them promptly, and move on.

4. Be discreet.

Have a good relationship with your customer of course, but don’t talk about other companies in the same field, especially who you may also work with. Don’t get drawn into gossip. Gossip kills.

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