How to get repeat orders for the next 20 years

4 More Top Tips on how to get repeat orders for the next 20 years.

Freight forwarding by road for almost 20 years as an independent family freight forwarding company, and in the business since 1994, here are four more top tips to get repeat orders in the domestic and international road haulage market.

In no particular order :

1. Don’t make promises you cant keep.

This can be something from an exact delivery time, to promising an order for future and or prices work for international haulage by road.

2. Remember your customers have to make a profit too!

In international road haulage the rates for certain lanes can often change quickly, this is particularly true with reference to freight movements between Spain and the UK. So therefore don’t be too tough with your rates, have a more flexible attitude, win some lose some is one of my favorites, and you will see the benefits with future orders of freight cargo.

3. Listen to what your customers are saying.

Don’t interrupt. If you have too, tell yourself “wait until my customer has stopped speaking”, one I have struggled with in the past! Don’t be too pushy, let your references and testimonials from other customers in the freight forwarding market speak for you. Best to keep quiet, listen and respond, don’t react!

4. Visit your customers as often as you can.

I have met other people in the freight forwarding business who have worked with their clients for years and yet have never met them! Big mistake. Always take up the offer of a meeting. We have turned poor clients into great ones this way. One of the best meetings I ever had was in a burger bar on Benidorm beach, with a major fruit and vegetable client who imports from Spain to the UK. In European transport, problems will occasionally happen, and if you have met the person you are dealing with , it makes things a lot easier.

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