What We Offer

Low Cost Freight Forward Solutions

Cullen European Freight is a low cost transportation option for your company, offering extensive freight forward solutions between the UK, Spain and throughout the rest of Europe.

Freight Services

Friendly Service

As we are a family company, our overheads are low, thus saving your company money, while still maintaining the high service level that you would expect from a family concern.

We are able to transport dry, chilled, ambient or refrigerated goods on tautliners or fridge vehicles, carrying goods from 4 pallets to 26 pallets

We offer you amazing benefits:

    20 years forwarding goods all over Europe
    Hands-on, responsive , friendly customer service
    Assurance in knowing your goods are being taken care of by the right people
    We guarantee a quick response to any problem that may arise with your freight
    Vital in our profession as transport enablers. We are available 24/7. We are not a 9 to 5 company! Customers are kept fully informed at all times as to the progress of their freight
    The best pricing for you, based on current market rates
    Our company policy is that honesty is always the first, best and only policy
Freight Services

New Hauliers

For new registered hauliers, we offer a quick no quibble payment in just 7 days after your delivery. Please text a What´s App as to where you are tipping and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Friendly Service & Professional Attitude

Customer Service Excellence

We at Cullen Freight believe that you – our cherished customers – are the single most important focus of our business. No job or delivery is too small or too big. No transport issue or requisite is beyond our capabilities.

Please pick up the phone and talk to us today. We are only too glad to listen to your business challenges and offer helpful solutions to your unique business issues today. We have a can-do attitude and are only too happy to assist and find the best freight forwarding solutions for you.

Friendly Service

We place friendly customer service as paramount to our overall customer care. We like to be near you at all times, always on the other end of the phone, just a call away. We are supportive and helpful at all stages of your delivery. Our ethos is to have a positive attitude and that you our customer are paramount to the success and growth of our company.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to ask for help in any freight or transport issue.

A helpful assistant will be here to discuss your delivery and freight needs.

We are delighted to listen, advise and offer suitable transport solutions to your business needs.

Professional Attitude

  • We are professionals and perfectionists. Second-best is really not good enough, neither for you our customers or us as a company!
  • The reasons we continue to succeed in the transport business after more than 20 years is down to a serious attitude and strong work-ethic.
  • We put our customers first!
  • We want your delivery to run like clockwork so that your business succeeds. Consider us partners in your business!
  • We take the success of every delivery very personally, as if the goods were actually our own!
  • If your business fails then so does ours, it is as simple as that! So that is why we make sure it doesn’t.
  • We guarantee a hands-on, 24/7, quick feedback, highly responsive, friendly service.
  • In that respect, we are more of a traditional family business in terms of close and cordial service.
  • Please remember that nothing is a hassle to Cullen Freight and we are here to provide fast, reliable solutions for your freight.
  • We are constantly innovating and incorporating best practices to ensure your freight arrives timely and safely.
  • We are only too aware of the importance of your freight being handled properly and how that impacts on your business and your bottom-line.
  • Call us today and talk to a friendly assistant.

Confidence in Your Consignment with Cullen European Freight