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The Advantages of Groupage Services & Part Loads in International Freight Transportation

International Freight Transportation

What is “groupage” in international transport you may ask?

Well, sometimes several different exporters in a particular geographical area like the UK or Spain want to transport their mini consignments or small quantities of goods to the same overseas market or European country.

Groupage is basically an international freight best practice for all these goods (part loads) from different export companies to be loaded onto one single truck and all sent together by an international freight forwarding agent.

The beauty of this international haulage practice is to minimize costs and charges for international exporters. Such consignments appear together on a single bill of lading.

We at Cullen European offer groupage transport and part load services from multiple locations within the UK and E.U. We operate daily and weekly groupage and part load transport from the UK to Spain, Portugal or France and in the opposite direction too.

Why Groupage Transport Services Make Sense

Groupage and part load transport reduces your operating costs as a business. Your SMB can become more efficient by taking advantage of part load and groupage transport on a regular basis, as opposed to doing bigger shipments less frequently.

It also helps you to maximize your inventory and not have your products tied-up in a warehouse somewhere.

As international haulage and freight experts, we at Cullen European Freight can arrange for your goods to be collected from any UK or European location. We arrange the part loads for successful onward delivery across Europe.

We want our customers to save money on transport, reduce their overall international freight expenditure and that’s why we facilitate them to maximize each and every load space.

We enable companies of all sizes to get small consignments delivered efficiently and in a cost effective way anywhere in Europe. Let us sort your loads for you. We can also advise you on pallet collection and warehousing best practices. We are experts at grouping multiple loads from many different suppliers throughout France, Spain, Gibraltar, and Portugal.