International Logistics in Freight Delivery

The Impact of Transit Time in International Logistics


Transit Time in International Logistics

Managing transit times in both domestic and international freight operations is vital for international export companies in order to properly manage their transportation costs.

In international logistics, it goes without saying that higher transportation costs are incurred the longer the times and distances needed to deliver your freight across Europe from point A to point B.

For example, when you deliver your products in new markets in Europe such as Spain, France or Portugal, the supply chain becomes broader and more complex. There is obviously added cost and risk the further you transport your goods. This is especially the case in new export markets you haven’t delivered to before.

Therefore, in order to plan and calculate your freight transit times properly, customers must be aware of the different types of transit and deliveries which are most common:

  • Standard Freight Logistics Deliveries
  • Permanent Schedules Freight Deliveries
  • Time Critical Freight Deliveries
  • Overnight/Next Day Freight Deliveries
  • Off-Peak & Weekend Freight Deliveries

One way customers can track their consignments from initial loading of freight to final delivery is by means of communicating regularly with their transport broker or via track and trace.