Cullen Freight Vehicles

As Freight Forwarders, we firmly believe that we are only as good as our designated carriers. Therefore, all hauliers are referenced and checked before we offer them our work.

Our international carriers can fulfil ambient, chilled or hanging requirements. We offer the following solutions:

Our Vehicles
  • BOX

— Specialized vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking

New Hauliers

For new registered hauliers we offer a quick no quibble payment in just 7 days after your delivery. Please text a What´s App as to where you are tipping and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Contact us today.

Our Vehicles

Secure Box Vans: This trailer provides additional security for movements of high value cargo such as electronics. Suitable for the transportation of any dry freight, the Secure Box Van is especially equipped with locking bars and several lashing points, enabling the vehicle to serve a wide range of purposes for loading all kinds of freight.

Specialist Box Vans: We also have specialist variations at your availability. These have mechanical roller bed floors, and are especially popular with Airfreight customers. They ensure cargo can be loaded and discharged quickly. Some also come with sliding roof mechanisms.

Temp. Controlled Units: These trailers are completely insulated, and come with split doors, thus enabling multi temperature transportation. They have the capacity and capability to move a variety of temperature sensitive freight including frozen and chilled produce. Very popular amongst clients that transport pharmaceuticals.

Mega Trailer: As the name suggests, this is a gigantic curtain sided vehicle with an impressive 100m3 capacity.

The increased internal height allows importers and exporters to maximize load and consignment size. All this while still benefiting from its’ straight frame loading bed. Specific trailers are also equipped with a lifting roof. Key benefits are the open side and rear door access of these trailers, which enables easy loading and discharge. That is why they are a popular choice for Airfreight and High Volume Freight movements.

Taut Liner: Quick and easy loading are the two main benefits of the taut liner. The rear doors and open sides can be used conveniently for discharge. Loading is facilitated by the side posts, which can be moved from side to side. This makes it highly appropriate for multi-collection and multi-delivery movements.

Euro liner: As with the taut liner, the key benefit is that loading and discharge is made easy via the rear and open sides. It is curtain sided but has the added benefit of having access via the sliding roof. This makes it suitable for crane loading and unloading.

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